Model-It - Symposium 2023

Photo: Foltan/ATB


Prof. Bodo Bookhagen
Geological Remote Sensing, University of Potsdam

"Multi-scale point cloud applications in the Evironmental Sciences using lidar and Structure-from-Motion"


Prof. Tsu Wei Chen
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

"Modelling canopy photosynthesis of greenhouse crop"


Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jedermann
Institute for Microsensors, -Actuators and –Systems (IMSAS), University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

“Modelling for digital twin in horticulture: How to process live sensor data for real-time prediction”


Prof. Bart Nicolai
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

“Multiscale modelling of postharvest storage processes”